Our solution for manufacturing process automation.

  • Reduces costs

  • Ensures a safe handling

  • Limits human error

  • Improves working conditions

  • Allows for data logging

  • Offers regulation and control

Solutions based on PLC / HMI / SCADA systems built by Siemens or Rockwell for process control and architecture.

Instrumentation for recording data of the processes of our clients’ related brands.

Standard and custom-made solutions. Open, scalable, and accessible programming for operators and maintenance technicians.


Our MES (Manufacturing Execution System) solution for production control and improvement.

  • Improves or establishes tracking
  • Allows for process data logging
  • Usage statistics and analytical accounting
  • Management of work orders
  • Personnel management (clock-in for tasks, projects or work orders via RFID cards or bar codes)
  • Connection to any commercial ERP (SAP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, NetSuite, Oracle, etc.)
  • Downstream connection with a SCADA system or a PLC for accurate data recording


Our solution for the dosing process of bulk raw materials in powder or grain form. Solutions based on PLC / HMI / SCADA systems built by Siemens or Rockwell. Linkable with ExeSys (MES system) and ERP.

  • Multiple sources of raw materials
  • Multiple destinations
  • Coarse/fine dosing configuration by material (not by silo or physical bin)
  • Control of major and minor products
  • Control and information of minor products with operator panel
  • Barcode systems to track manual loading
  • Heuristic tracking of material behaviour in the silo
  • Tracking of dosed batches.
  • Possibility to control/communicate with attached equipment (mixers, propellers, conveyors, elevators, bagging machines, etc.).


Our solution for the control of pneumatic transport systems.Solutions based on PLC / HMI / SCADA systems built by Siemens or Rockwell. Linkable with ExeSys (MES system) and DosiSys (dosing system).

Pneumatic conveying control in its different phases:

• Dense phase with transporter
• Semi-dense or dense fluidised phase with transporter
• Dilute phase with transporter
• Dilute phase with blowers or fans by vacuum or discharge

• Standard transporter control
• Smart transporter control (with automatic air control valves for pressures and flow rates)
• Multi-product support
• Smart system to prevent conveying line plugging


Almost every software we develop is custom-made and tailored to the needs of our customers. We analyse every installation we perform and we provide our knowledge to build the best and the most productive automation solution.

Once we learn our customer’s needs, we draft a description of the process, which must be approved by everyone involved in the project.

We then build the automation system based on that description.


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