Design and manufacture

Our department in electrical engineering is responsible for the design and manufacture of everything related to the necessary electrical installations, starting from the engineering process all the way to the final installation. We have our own resources and we also manage subcontractors chosen by our customers.

Electrical engineering services

  • Drawing of electrical diagrams
  • Calculation of power lines
  • Electrical projects
  • Thermographic analysis of cabinets
  • Cabinet manufacturing
  • Installation and assembly

Projects, installation, and maintenance

Company registered in the Integrated Industrial Establishments Register as an authorised electrical company with the following certifications:

Basic category:

General low-voltage installations: 10-B-D00-12045193

Specialised category:

Installations in potentially explosive or incendiary areas (certificate no. 10-B-D06-12045193)

Overhead or underground lines for energy distribution (certificate no. 10-B-D05-12045193)

Automation systems, energy and safety technical management for households and buildings (certificate no. 10-B-D01-12045193)

Low voltage generating installations (photovoltaic, thermal, wind, hydro, and fossil fuels). Certificate no. 10-B-D09-12045193

Data supervision, control, and acquisition systems (certificate no. 10-B-D03- 12045193)

Electrical cabinet manufacturing

  • Power control and automation
  • Energy distribution
  • Manufacturing of electropneumatic cabinets
  • CE, UL, and ATEX certifications
  • Specific to the food industry: overhead, stainless steel cabinets. No wires on the ground

Examples of our manufactured cabinets

Standard electrical cabinet for use in a process plant. Main control panel and motor control center

Electrical cabinet for the food industry

Electro-pneumatic control cabinet

Electro-pneumatic cabinet for fluids with integrated plumbing


Camí de la Travessa, 16. Nave 16.
(Google maps: Francesc Tàrrega 251)
12540 – Vila-real/Villarreal (Castellón)


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Empresa inscrita en el RII con número de inscripción registral 10-B-D09-12045193 , estando clasificado en la sección D (Instaladora), habilitación 0 (Baja Tensión), categoría 9 (Categoría Especialista / Instalaciones Generadoras de Baja Tensión).