ATEX is short for ATmosphères EXplosives (French for “explosive atmospheres”). ATEX is also the abbreviated name for the European Directive 2024/34/CE in relation to the sale of explosion-proof electromechanical equipment, components, and protection systems. It came into force on July the 1st, 2003, and all equipment and protection systems are subject to the directive since then.

The 2014/34/CE Directive applies to the manufacturing of products used in potentially explosive atmospheres. Consequentially, manufacturers have the sole responsibility to ensure that the products within this category comply with the Directive. The ATEX Directive applies to all electromechanical instrumentation and protective systems located in potentially explosive atmospheres.

It also applies to security, control and regulation devices for use outside of potentially explosive atmospheres, which are nevertheless necessary or contribute to a safe use of the protection equipment and systems regarding explosion risks.

Equipment and protection systems included in the 2014/34/CE Directive can only be sold if they have the CE marking alongside a CE certificate of conformity indicating that the basic safety and health requirements have been met, and that the equipment has been tested for compliance. In addition, they must be accompanied by a set of operating instructions.

Electrical installations in explosive atmospheres are regulated partly by the electrotechnical regulations of each country (REBT in the case of Spain, and in particular the BT-29 Technical Guide in its latest 2019 revision), and partly by the 2014/34/CE Directive (the transposed directive in Spain being the Royal Decree 400/1996)

Installations in explosive atmospheres (ATEX)

We have industrial certifications to build local installations in potentially explosive or incendiary areas (certificate no. 10-B-D06-12045193). We hold ISmAtex certifications for the following tasks in areas with potentially explosive atmospheres:

  • Design, selection, and performance of electrical installations UNE-EN 60079-14
  • Inspection and maintenance of electrical installations UNE-EN 60079-17
  • Cabinet manufacturing, installation, and electrical assembly in ATEX classified areas, in line with the REBT and the Royal Decree 681/2003
  • Every type of installation performed under the general directives: 1999/92/CE and 94/9/CE

Camí de la Travessa, 16. Nave 16.
(Google maps: Francesc Tàrrega 251)
12540 – Vila-real/Villarreal (Castellón)


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Empresa inscrita en el RII con número de inscripción registral 10-B-D09-12045193 , estando clasificado en la sección D (Instaladora), habilitación 0 (Baja Tensión), categoría 9 (Categoría Especialista / Instalaciones Generadoras de Baja Tensión).